Silver Chrome Latex Balloon

Purple Chrome Latex Balloon

CHF 1.25

These new chrome balloons look more like metal sculptures than latex balloons! These shiny mirror effect balloons with their rich textures, reflective surfaces and radiant colors are a unique and stylish addition to any party. Celebrate with a sleek, metallic shine while adding extra glamour for a never-before-seen visual experience. 

These Chrome Qualatex balloons are sold individually so you can create your own custom balloon mix by ordering as many different colors as you'd like to match your party color palette. Go ahead, blow them up and make your party shine! You will we blown away by their quality!



28cm latex balloon. Sold individually and shipped flat.

Adult supervision required: Keep uninflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.

Advice : Do not over inflate the balloons as they may burst.

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