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Table Setting
  • BlackTablecover

    Price CHF 5.25
    Out of stock

    Plastic black tablecover.
    Dimension: 137cm x 274cm

  • 18 Red Cutlery

    Price CHF 4.75

    Each package contains 18 red plastic cutlery: 6 forks, 6 spoons and 6 knives.
    Washable and reusable

  • Formula 1 Dinner Plates

    Price CHF 6.25

    Each package includes 8 Formula 1 dinner plates.
    Size: 23cm

  • 50 Formula 1 Flag Picks

    Price CHF 4.25

    Each package includes 50 flag party picks. Slide them into your dessert and finger foods to add a fun fantasy touch to your table!

Decorations & Accessories
  • Black Candy Scoop

    Price CHF 2.75

    Get the latest scoop on candy scoops! Our Candy Scoop easily heaps candy into treat bags and treat boxes at any big party you might as well shovel your candy in style! Perfect for candy buffets and all of your other treat-transferring needs -- match the scoop to your color coordinated displays, or mix things up for a bit of complementary color fun. Sturdy and durable, this candy scoop has a hole at the end of the handle so it can clearly label your candy buffet treats or hang up the scoop for simple storage. Measures 16.5cm long Hand wash only Not dishwasher or microwave safe

  • Black Crepe Streamer

    Price CHF 3.25

    Crepe paper streamers are easy to use and are the ultimate in inexpensive versatile party decorations. They are a fun way to brighten and jazz up any party room while adding a modern and fun touch. Simply hang, unroll, twist and mix with other colors to create amazing wall backdrops and fun garlands across your room. 

    All occasions are good to use these crepe paper streamers and add bundles of impact while making your event look and feel ultra-cool!

  • Formula 1 Invitations

    Price CHF 5.50

    Each package contains 8 invitations of our Formula 1 theme.

  • Formula 1 Flag Banner

    Price CHF 7.25

    Formula 1 flag banner. This is fantastic to hang over an entrance or on the wall of your party room. A splendid way to welcome your drivers to your birthday party!
    Size: 365cm

  • Black Bunting Fan Garland

    Price CHF 9.50

    This bunting made of 6 semi fans of 56cm will add a splash of color and fun to your parties. It will look great alongside our paper fans, honeycomb balls or pompons!
    Dimension: 3m

Pretty Details
  • Large Red Honeycomb Ball

    Price CHF 4.25

    These honeycomb paper balls will add a festive colorful note to your next party! They look stunning combined with different colours and pompoms!
    Dimension: 30cm

  • Black Honeycomb Diamond

    Price CHF 3.75

    A honeycomb diamond decoration designed to hang from the ceiling and enhance your chosen party colour scheme. You can turn an ordinary room into a vibrant party space with simple, elegant hanging decorations like these. Combine with other honeycomb decorations to create a spectacular party setting! Pack contains one hanging honeycomb chandelier decoration made from tissue paper. Supplied flat packed, simply fold out and hang! Measures approximately 34 cm tall

  • Red & White Striped Table Runner

    Price CHF 14.75

    If you don't want your grand event to feel like just a plain, ordinary gathering, consider highlighting and jazzing it up with a table runner It will enhance the visual appeal of your party tables and create that perfect finishing touch. It's a trendy must-have which will add a dash of dazzling luxury to your part

  • Rainbow Happy Birthday Cake Topper

    Price CHF 4.75

    Make any special cake stand out with this rainbow Happy Birthday Cake Topper. Just stick this cake decoration into any birthday cake for instant pizzazz. It's an easy way to add charm and it makes a safe alternative to burning birthday candles. 

Party Bags & Favors
  • Vintage Race Car Party Treat Bags

    Price CHF 5.25

    Each package includes 8 treat bags. Stuff them with your favorite candies an d a variety of our value party favors! Your little guests will be ecstatic when they see they each have a treat bag full of goodies to take home!

  • 5 Winner Medals

    Price CHF 4.00

    Each package contains 5 winner's medals. Red, white and blue ribbon with round plastic gold medal attached to put around your champions necks!

  • 4 Mustaches

    Price CHF 4.75

    Each package contains 4 self adhesive fake moustaches in different shapes, colors and styles. They are fabulous as photo booth props and to use for dress up for a fun party!

  • 8 Black Polka Dots Treat Boxes

    Price CHF 3.75

    Each package contains 8 scalloped treat boxes. Wonderful to fill with all sorts of treats, candies, popcorn at your parties!
    Dimension: 12,7cm H x 10cm x 5cm

  • 4 Tic-Tac-Toe

    Price CHF 7.25

    Each package contains 4 tic-tac-toe. Simple but strategic game that you can take with anywhere. No more need to look for pen and paper!

  • 4 Neon Shutter Glasses

    Price CHF 4.75

    Slide back to the 80s with these neon shutter shades. These glasses will add some fun and flare to any party or costume! These shades are also totally cool for photo booth props!

  • 6 Mini Playing Card Games

    Price CHF 4.50

    Each package contains 6 mini packages of card games. These are classic card games such as animal snap and matching pairs, perfect to learn while having fun! Their small sizes will make it perfect to carry everywhere.  

Games & Activities
  • Potato Sacks

    Price CHF 15.50

    Each package includes 6 potato sacks. Who will win the race hoping like a bunny with these sacks?Laughter garanteed!!

  • Mexican Star Piñata

    Price CHF 28.75

    Piñatas are a great addition to any birthday parties as they are sure to put a festive touch. Each child one at a time tries to break this mexican star piñata with the piñata buster releasing all the goodies such as candies, confettis or toys!
    Dimension: 35cm x 53cm
    Pinata is sold empty.

  • Vintage Race Car Shaped Mylar...

    Price CHF 4.50

    An Oldtimer party wouldn't be complete without these vintage race car shaped mylar balloon!

  • Red Balloon 28 cm

    Price CHF 0.75

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons. They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party. 

    These Qualatex balloons are made in Canada and the USA from 100 % pure natural latex and are 100% biodegradable. They are of the highest quality and are known for their longer floating time and impressive color range.

    These balloons are sold individually so you can create your own custom balloon mix by ordering as many different colors as you'd like to match your party color palette. Go ahead, blow them up! You will we blown away by their quality!

  • Silver Chrome Latex Balloon

    Price CHF 1.25

    These new chrome balloons look more like metal sculptures than latex balloons! Their shiny mirror effect and radiant colors will provide a unique and stylish accent to any party. Celebrate with a sleek, metallic shine while adding extra glamour for a never seen before visual experience. 

    Our Chrome Qualatex balloons are sold individually so you can create your own custom mix. Go ahead, blow them up and make your party shine! Their look blow your guests away!



  • 8 Pearlized Flame Red Balloons

    Price CHF 3.00

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons.

    They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party.

  • -30%

    Balloon Bouquet "Jump Around"

    Price CHF 7.35 -30% Regular price CHF 10.50

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons. They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party.

    Bring your party to life with style and chic with this gorgeous balloon bouquet. It is a lovely way to brighten and jazz up any party room while adding a modern and fun touch. These balloons are perfect in a bundle for a shimmering effect or scattered around the room.

    This bouquet contains 12 biodegradable Qualatex balloons. Shipped flat and without curling ribbon (string).         

    4 x silver chrome balloon 28cm                                                                                                         

    4 x red balloon 28cm                                                                                                                   

    4 x black balloon 28cm

  • Black Sphere Orbz Foil Balloon

    Price CHF 7.75

    Add shine to your next party with a balloon that is sure to impress! These stunning, perfectly spherical and super reflective foil Orbz balloons are sure to be a hit at your next party and make a big visual impact. These Orbz balloons are exceptional and are the new party staple trend! They will add a stylish and festive detail to your celebration.

    You can inflate with helium if you want them to float or if not by air using a straw (not included).

  • Black Balloon Weight

    Price CHF 2.75

    Use this balloon weight as a decorative way to hold your party balloons in place, to create beautiful balloon decorations or stunning centrepieces at any party.

  • Black Curling Ribbon

    Price CHF 3.25

    Curling ribbon on a roll of 90m ideal to tie your balloons or to decorate your gift packages.