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Table Setting
  • Magic Plates

    Price CHF 11.00

    Give your party a magical touch with these fabulous plates. They are beautifully crafted in an octagonal shape with a gold foil border and iconic images relating to magical trick sure to delight your guests. 

  • Magic Napkins

    Price CHF 7.00

    Give your party a magical touch with these fabulous napkins from Meri Meri. These amazing red, black and white napkins will add a magical element to any party. They feature classic Ace card designs, and are both practical to use and fantastic to look at it.

  • BlackTablecover

    Price CHF 5.25
    Out of stock

    Plastic black tablecover.
    Dimension: 137cm x 274cm

  • 18 Red Cutlery

    Price CHF 4.75

    Each package contains 18 red plastic cutlery: 6 forks, 6 spoons and 6 knives.
    Washable and reusable

  • Gold Glitter Table Runner

    Price CHF 15.75

    If you don't want your grand event to feel like just a plain, ordinary gathering, consider our glitter table runner! Glitter are perfect to highlight and jazz up party tables. Make your party sparkle with our glittered table runner. It's a trendy must-have which will add a dash of dazzling luxury to your party!

  • 8 Black Polka Dots Treat Boxes

    Price CHF 3.75

    Each package contains 8 scalloped treat boxes. Wonderful to fill with all sorts of treats, candies, popcorn at your parties!
    Dimension: 12,7cm H x 10cm x 5cm

Decorations & Accessories
  • Magic Garland

    Price CHF 24.75
    Out of stock

    Add a really magical touch to any celebration with this glittering garland. Party guests will certainly feel like celebrating when they see this delightful decoration!

  • Black Crepe Streamer

    Price CHF 3.25

    Crepe paper streamers are easy to use and are the ultimate in inexpensive versatile party decorations. They are a fun way to brighten and jazz up any party room while adding a modern and fun touch. Simply hang, unroll, twist and mix with other colors to create amazing wall backdrops and fun garlands across your room. 

    All occasions are good to use these crepe paper streamers and add bundles of impact while making your event look and feel ultra-cool!

  • Large Scalloped Popcorn Container

    Price CHF 7.75
    Out of stock

    Our Clear Large Plastic Scalloped Container comes with a flared "popcorn bag" design, narrower at the bottom and wide at the top, and finished with fanciful scalloped edges. The durable clear plastic serves as a window to all the goodies inside; simply place the container on a buffet table and let guests help themselves! Hand wash only - Reusable Do not microwave. Measures: 15cm x 12.5cm x 19.5cm tall

  • Black Bunting Fan Garland

    Price CHF 9.50

    This bunting made of 6 semi fans of 56cm will add a splash of color and fun to your parties. It will look great alongside our paper fans, honeycomb balls or pompons!
    Dimension: 3m

Pretty Details
  • Gold Satin Ribbon 12mm/25m

    Price CHF 2.75

    This satin ribbon will add a pretty finishing touch and a festive flair to your gifts or decorations. Use it to wrap, decorate, embellish gifts, crafts or goodie bags to brighten up your party while adding a pop of color!

  • Luxe Gold Glitter Bunting

    Price CHF 18.50
    Out of stock

    This glitter bunting is so nice, you'll want to put it up at every opportunity! This high quality fabric bunting on a golden satin ribbon is too pretty to be used just once, add some shimmer and shine to your party then install the bunting in your home permanently! Cute to use as a bedroom decoration after a party to give it a sweet vintage look!

  • Lollipop Holder

    Price CHF 9.75

    Our lollipop bar is a wall of absolute dreams! Guests will adore this cute finishing touch to your celebrations as they help themselves to delicious lollies! Fill the wall up with 49 lollipops and wow everyone at the party!

Party Bags & Favors
  • Abracadabra Treat Bags

    Price CHF 16.00

    Your guests will be delighted to leave the celebrations clutching one of these fantastic party bags! They are beautifully crafted and perfect for any party where you want to create a magical effect. Stuff them with your favorite candies and a variety of party favors! Your little guests will be ecstatic when they see they each have a treat bag full of goodies to take home!


  • Linen Pouches - Black Pompom

    Price CHF 5.75

    These linen pouches embellished with black pompoms are perfect for wrapping and presenting small memorable gifts to your guests. They are the ultimate in styling while adding an elegant touch to your decoration. They are versatile, and can be reused after for almost anything.

    A chic and environment friendly packaging option to set your goods apart!

  • 4 Tic-Tac-Toe

    Price CHF 7.25

    Each package contains 4 tic-tac-toe. Simple but strategic game that you can take with anywhere. No more need to look for pen and paper!

  • 4 Neon Shutter Glasses

    Price CHF 4.75

    Slide back to the 80s with these neon shutter shades. These glasses will add some fun and flare to any party or costume! These shades are also totally cool for photo booth props!

  • 8 Googly Eye Finger Puppet

    Price CHF 4.25

    What's not to love about these cool super fun googly eye finger puppets. See their imagination run free as they chat, make friends and giggle away!!

  • 20 Red Polka Dots Cello Bags

    Price CHF 3.25

    Each package contains 20 cello treat bags. Perfect to fill up with candies or littée gifts.
    Dimension: 28cm x 12.7cm

  • Abracadabra Temporary Tattoos

    Price CHF 4.50

    Temporary tattos from Meri Meri. Cool and design for small and big kids alike! Sticks easily in 30 seconds, lasts a long time and comes off with soap!

Games & Activities
  • Mexican Star Piñata

    Price CHF 28.75

    Piñatas are a great addition to any birthday parties as they are sure to put a festive touch. Each child one at a time tries to break this mexican star piñata with the piñata buster releasing all the goodies such as candies, confettis or toys!
    Dimension: 35cm x 53cm
    Pinata is sold empty.

  • -30%

    Balloon Bouquet "Get Lucky"

    Price CHF 7.35 -30% Regular price CHF 10.50

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons. They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party.

    Bring your party to life with style and chic with this gorgeous balloon bouquet. It is a lovely way to brighten and jazz up any party room while adding a modern and fun touch. These balloons are perfect in a bundle for a shimmering effect or scattered around the room.

    This bouquet contains 12 biodegradable Qualatex balloons. Shipped flat and without curling ribbon (string).         

    4 x gold chrome balloon 28cm                                                                                                         

    4 x red balloon 28cm                                                                                                                   

    4 x black balloon 28cm

  • Marble Black Sphere Orbz Foil...

    Price CHF 7.75

    Add shine to your next party with a balloon that is sure to impress! These stunning, perfectly spherical foil Orbz balloons are sure to be a hit at your next party and make a big visual impact. These Orbz balloons are exceptional and are the new party staple trend! They will add a stylish and festive detail to your celebration.

    You can inflate with helium if you want them to float or if not by air using a straw (not included).

  • Black Mini Balloon 13cm

    Price CHF 0.50

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons. They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party

    These teeny tiny mini balloons are so cute! They are perfect for lots of occasions and make great party decorations. Tie them up in big bunches for gorgeous table centrepieces that will brighten up any party or string them together for a trendy balloon garland! Use them in fun ways: attach them to tableware, gifts, treat bags or even use them as confettis scattered around your room! They make adorable cake and cupcake toppers when attached to colourful paper straws or fun balloon wand sticks!

    These Qualatex balloons are made in Canada and the USA from 100 % pure natural latex and are 100% biodegradable. They are of the highest quality and are known for their longer floating time and impressive color range. These balloons are sold individually so you can create your own custom balloon mix by ordering as many different colors as you'd like to match your party color palette. Go ahead, blow them up! 

  • 5 Gold Confetti Balloons

    Price CHF 5.00

    These transparent latex balloons are filled with festive confettis. They are a great touch to make any party pop with style! And for the heavy crazy party lovers out there you an pop them at the end of the party to see a rain of confettis! Important: For the confetti to stick to the side of the balloon, it needs to be made static and the balloon must be filled with air. When the balloon is filled with helium the confetti forms a lovely layer on the bottom of the balloon. 

  • Black Curling Ribbon

    Price CHF 3.25

    Curling ribbon on a roll of 90m ideal to tie your balloons or to decorate your gift packages.

  • Black Balloon Weight

    Price CHF 2.75

    Use this balloon weight as a decorative way to hold your party balloons in place, to create beautiful balloon decorations or stunning centrepieces at any party.

  • Balloon Pump

    Price CHF 12.75

    A sturdy double action Qualatex pump for inflating your balloons. The double action balloon inflator means both the upstroke and downstroke of this pump push air into your balloons, making for smooth, nearly effortless inflation.

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    Abracadabra Mylar Balloon

    Price CHF 4.50

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons.

    This balloon of our theme "Abracadabra" makes a wonderful decoration, helping you set the scene at your party.

  • Size: 5-6 years
    Size: 7-8 years

    Starry Night Wizard Cape

    Price CHF 33.75

    This premium quality Wizard Cape and Hat is sure to cast the magic spell on all around! Soft and comfortable, designed to look like the mysterious midnight sky with stars and moon decals, this is the perfect cape to encourage every day creative play! It will give you power to cast magic spells! 

  • Size: 7-8 years
    Size: 5-6 years

    Wizard Cape & Glasses

    Price CHF 39.75

    Congratulations! You've been accepted to wizardry school! Don't forget to pack you Great Pretenders cloak. High quality design made with soft black fabric is draping comfortably on the body. This hooded black robe is adorned with a crest and a lightning bolt on the hood, and it comes with a set of faux glasses!

  • Pointed Black Velvet Hat

    Price CHF 35.00

    This soft black velvet witch's hat, with ruffle details, silver lamé tissu and silver glitter stars and moons is an essential accessory for Halloween, or to add to a dressing up for imaginative play any time of the year!