Balloon Bouquet Beautiful Day
  • Balloon Bouquet Beautiful Day

Balloon Bouquet "Beautiful Day"

CHF 10.50

What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons. They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party.

Bring your party to life with style and chic with this gorgeous balloon bouquet. It is a lovely way to brighten and jazz up any party room while adding a modern and fun touch. These balloons are perfect in a bundle for a shimmering effect or scattered around the room.

This bouquet contains 12 biodegradable Qualatex balloons. Shipped flat and without curling ribbon (string).         

3 x pink chrome balloon 28cm                                                                                                         

3 x pink balloon 28cm                                                                                                                   

3 x rose balloon 28cm

3 x pearl mint green balloon 28cm

Adult supervision required: Keep uninflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.

Advice : Do not over inflate balloons as they may burst.

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